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Explore a wealth of inspiration and knowledge through our Explore section. Immerse yourself in a range of resources including press releases, educational materials, and insightful blogs covering diverse topics. Discover the fascinating realm of ceiling systems and energy efficient LED lighting, gain insights into the rich culture at Richter and the Ostalbkreis region. Dive into the realm of sustainability in building construction, and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends like 3D printing, big data analysis, 3d modelling and artificial intelligence. Our Explore section offers a condensed yet comprehensive collection of materials to expand your horizons and keep you informed on these captivating subjects

  • Customization Options: Tailoring Suspended Ceiling Systems to Your Design Vision

    When it comes to designing a space, every detail counts, from the floor to the very ceiling.

  • Tech Innovations Transforming the World of Commercial Interior Design

    In recent years, technology has significantly reshaped numerous industries, and commercial interior design is no exception. From

  • 100 Percent Green Energy Certified

    Richter has achieved 100 percent green energy certification! In 2023, our green energy initiatives involving a combination

  • Apple Jing’an Store Opening: Embodying Historical Preservation and Sustainable Development

    A Blend of Tradition and Modernity. Apple's latest venture, the eagerly awaited Apple Jing’an store, greeted

  • Suspended Ceilings Ideas in Commercial Architecture

    In the world of commercial architecture, the ceiling is more than just a structural capstone. Often overlooked

  • Employee Spotlight: Carla Juan

    In this month's Employee Spotlight, we introduce Carla, a Key Account Manager who has hit the ground

  • Building a culture of collaboration: How Richter drives innovation in the architecture industry

    Collaboration – more than a hollow phrase at Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH Deeply embedded in our

  • Customer Centricity: Not just a buzzword

    We rise to every challenge and utilize all the possibilities of our specialists and experts to meet

  • A diverse workforce: An important ingredient for our success

    A work environment with genuine diversity allows team members work equally and with dignity. Not focusing on deterministic

  • Achieving global goals through local collaboration

    Worldwide, 50 percent of waste comes from the construction and demolition sector. Buildings and construction projects are

  • Choosing the Right Suspended Ceiling System for Your Commercial Project

    As a commercial construction professional, selecting the right suspended ceiling system for your project is a critical

  • Innovation with purpose: how our cultural values drive architectural challenges

    Innovations and strategies can only be achieved through a perfectly harmonized corporate culture, as created by our

  • Richter Acoustic Ceilings for Commercial Spaces

    In the realm of commercial architecture, sustainability and energy efficiency are not just trends; they're imperatives. As

  • Designing for well-being: Enhancing Occupants’ Quality of Life

    What is a good space? This question is crucial for any private, office or retail room

  • The Vital Role of Acoustics in Modern Design

    Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate in a noisy classroom, an

  • Fostering Global Connections: South African Ambassadors from the SADC Visit Richter Lighting Technologies

    In an event organized by IHK Region Stuttgart, a delegation comprising of ambassadors from nine South African

  • Shaping the Future of Construction: A Glimpse into the World’s First Adaptive High-Rise, D1244

    In the heart of innovation, stands the demonstrator high-rise building, D1244, hosting the "Adaptive Architecture" exhibition, a

  • Employee Spotlight: Kunjan Patel

    Meet Kunjan Patel, a key team member at Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH since 2019. With a background

  • The impact of lighting on visual merchandising and sales

    Are you struggling with low sales in your retail stores despite increasing visitors? Have you tried multiple

  • Employee spotlight: Julia Ehle

    At Richter, we treat our people as family, and today, we are pleased to introduce you to

  • The Sound of Productivity: Acoustic Ceiling Panels in the Modern Office

    Discover the Influence of Acoustic Ceiling Panels on Workplace Productivity and Wellbeing. Learn how these panels reduce

  • Human-Centric Lighting For Office Spaces

    Human-centric lighting transforms workspaces, promoting employee well-being by mimicking natural light variations and enhancing mental health. Design

  • 50 Hudson Yards – Constructing For Occupants Well-Being

    50 Hudson Yards, a cutting-edge NYC skyscraper, adapts to modern work trends with a blend of adaptable

  • Towards Sustainable Construction: The Role Of Sustainable Material Selection In Green Building Practices

    Green building minimizes environmental impact. Sustainable materials, energy efficiency, waste reduction, indoor air quality, and social considerations

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