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Innovation with purpose: how our cultural values drive architectural challenges

Innovations and strategies can only be achieved through a perfectly harmonized corporate culture, as created by our employees. We not only focus on cultural diversity and equality, but also actively encourage our employees to think outside the box. We are all different and that is wonderful, because that is precisely why we benefit from the expertise of our employees, for example, who are much more familiar with a respective country and its culture and thus provide valuable approaches to drive our projects forward even further. The fact that we at Richter see this as part of our culture is what makes us so strong and innovative.

“At Richter, there is no traditional office hierarchy, as such anyone can be the leader when their idea makes sense. Just like our slogan: Richter, where ideas work.”

– Bernd Richter.

Our corporate culture is actively practiced here, so that decisions for new ideas can be made quickly and unbureaucratically. Without waiting times and lengthy administrative processes.

Driving architectural challenges forward together

This culture of diversity, which sees its strengths precisely in the fact that we do not all have the same background, enables us at Richter to realize the best possible ideas and solutions for projects. This is because the different backgrounds significantly promote creativity and productivity and thus help to drive architectural challenges forward, for example by developing solutions that would not be possible without the active involvement of these synergies.

One example that illustrates this is the 50 Hudson Yards project in New York, where a high-quality and easy-to-install ceiling system had to be developed. Here, the diverse experience and skills of our team were utilized to apply alternative materials and digital manufacturing processes to push the boundaries of what is possible. All of this was made possible thanks to our open-mindedness towards new and unconventional ideas and illustrates how Richter’s family-run company culture encourages creativity and innovation.


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