Our team, consisting of architects, scientists, engineers, MBA specialists, craftsmen, laboratory staff, and technicians, collaborates to design, prefabricate, and supply custom solutions for complex architectural projects worldwide. Each project receives a tailored solution that meets our clients’ specific requirements, resulting in high-quality, aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance well-being. Our development process simultaneously adheres to aesthetic, photometric, and acoustical design rules.

Our portfolio encompasses major retail outlets, airports, banks, train stations, schools, universities, and Fortune 500 lobbies, such as the renowned 50 Hudson Yards in NYC. With a 30-year track record, we take pride in never missing a shipment date. Our goal is to create custom architectural solutions that enhance the overall quality of life for those who inhabit these spaces. Our motto, “Where ideas work,” reflects our commitment to success, evident in our 100% project completion and client satisfaction rate.

These projects serve as examples of our expertise in implementing wood ceiling systems, fabric systems, and LED luminaires, and much more across various industries

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