We are a breeding ground for innovation, driven by a strong commitment to sustainability, corporate culture, and technological advancement. These elements form the DNA of our family-based company.

Our corporate culture fosters a supportive environment with minimal hierarchy, emphasizing flexibility, engagement, and teamwork among diverse and cross-functional teams. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to contribute their ideas for Richter’s growth and success. At Richter, our core belief is to prioritize the human element. That is why for every architectural project we aspire to provide our clients the perfect products and solutions to create spaces where people can feel comfortable, healthy, and productive.

Our story

Originally founded as “Neon Richter” in 1993 by Bernd and Marion Richter in Heubach. Richter lighting technologies GmbH, was first a manufacturer of custom neon high-voltage tubes and lighting systems for use in trade fair construction.

In the early 2000s, Richter made a strategic shift to focus on more sustainable concepts in general lighting, leveraging energy-saving technology like LEDs lights, DALI controllers, and sensors. This shift fueled our sustained growth and led to the development of products like our LED luminaires combined with our suspended ceiling systems, now featured in major retail outlets worldwide.

This transformation also inspired our “90-10 philosophy,” developed to efficiently meet clients constantly evolving needs and address major challenges faced in the construction industry such as, labor-intensive tasks, environmental impact, long construction cost and completion times, and materials’ life-cycle considerations.

The philosophy ensures we fulfill our commitments to deliver clear cost, clear lead-time, and clear quality for every project. We have used this philosophy to successfully deliver over 250 projects globally, on-time and with 100% client satisfaction.

Our vision is to create “perfect” human spaces. Perfect to us means: A space that is aesthetically pleasing, with appropriate lighting that maintains and supports health. A space that is acoustically optimized, with a low background sound level that is gentle on the ears, facilitating enjoyable and focused conversations and a room that is pleasantly tempered without drafts by radiant heat alone. In summary a space where one feels good and is a pleasure to spend time in.

About Us

our approach

The “Richter 90-10 Philosophy” champions an efficient model, ensuring 90% of tasks like material selection, design, engineering, and packaging are completed in-house for top-notch quality and swift execution. The remaining 10%, focused on installation, can be easily managed by on-site personnels. This approach not only fosters strong client relationships but also allows us to adapt swiftly to their evolving needs.

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Richter '90-10' Philosophy Diagram


We are driven by a long-term vision of global sustainability, which shapes our actions and decisions.

It is essential to recognize that buildings and construction projects account for a substantial 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with lighting alone consuming 20% to 45% of total energy usage in the building sector.

As a company, we fully understand our responsibility to address these challenges. For nearly 30 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation in ceiling and lighting technologies, aiming to contribute to sustainable development. Our dedication to sustainability is evident throughout our entire value chain, from production to shipping, as we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint.

To prioritize sustainability, we have implemented various initiatives. These include CO2 reduction efforts, green supply chain management practices, daily recycling measures, strategic packaging strategies, and the utilization of digital tools for intelligent design. We take complete responsibility for the lifecycle of our products, ensuring that every step, from production in our facilities to their impact on the environment, aligns with sustainable practices.

Curious about our sustainable practices? Explore our sustainability page for a deep dive on our action of sustainability

About Us


Our company culture thrives on openness and honesty, creating an environment where every voice is valued and heard. We stand firm on the principles of equal opportunity, eliminating traditional hierarchies to ensure that every team member has the chance to lead projects they are passionate about. At our core, we’re a family-oriented business, where both employees and clients are treated with the warmth and respect akin to family members. Our work setting is fast-paced and dynamic, encouraging agility and innovation at every turn. We operate with cross-functional teams, allowing for diverse perspectives and skill sets to come together, fostering a rich learning environment. Here, continuous personal and professional growth is not just encouraged—it’s a part of who we are.

“Together, we are turning challenges into chances”


At Richter, innovation is at the heart of everything we do, driven by our unwavering desire to transform the world through our contributions. We believe that true innovation requires challenging the status quo and embracing unconventional thinking. Our commitment to advancing new technologies and prioritizing resource and energy conservation is uncompromising, a philosophy embraced by every member of our team. What sets our employees apart is not just their expertise, but a profound dedication and passion that permeates their work.

We understand that the lofty goal of changing the world might not resonate with everyone, yet for those rare individuals—the one percent—who are ignited by this ambition and find deep satisfaction in dedicating themselves fully, we offer a welcome invitation to join us in this transformative journey.

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