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Customer Centricity: Not just a buzzword

We rise to every challenge and utilize all the possibilities of our specialists and experts to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We can look back on a large reference catalog of publicly available architectural projects as well as some more exclusives around the world.

One example of our work that demonstrates our unique approach to development is the Apple store “Marina Bay Sands” in Singapore. It is still described as one of Apples most ambitious project till date. It can be seen as the sphere floating on the iridescent Marina Bay.

Our task was to supply shading elements, which also serve as sound absorbers and design elements. These striking elements of the interior, curve along the sphere on different levels up to its highest point. In order to meet these demanding specification, we took inspiration for our design concept from the structure of airplane wings.

The solution had to be freeform, lightweight, strong, flawless, and precise and enclose the maximum space with the minimum ammount of material. Another point to consider was the creation of a connection that would link the wings (sound absorbers) to the spherical dome at intelligent fixing points.

This connection is not visible and yet serves as a frame for the fabric of the sash. In this way, the elegant design can be combined with the right amount of solar shading and glare prevention according to our light calculation, as well as the right effect on the room acoustics within the dome.

During our design development process, we realised that the structure of an aircraft’s wings were exactly what we were looking for. For this reason, we utilised various technologies and specialisties from our team: 3D design and 3D printing, laser applications (cutting and bending), 5-axis milling, CNC cutting and drilling and a special powder coating for manufacturing.

We are proud that we have been able to overcome this challenge and many more, always delivering a result that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We are confident that we are the right partner for your projects, too. Contact us to find out what solutions we can find for your project!


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