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The Vital Role of Acoustics in Modern Design

Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate in a noisy classroom, an office, a retail space or even a theater? Or perhaps you have experienced discomfort due to excessive background noise?

In the realm of architecture and design, acoustics subtly but significantly influence our comfort and productivity, often eluding our notice. Dr. Ingo Tischer, Richter’s Head of Acoustics, R&D, illuminates in the accompanying video how soundwaves, interacting with acoustically hard surfaces in built environments, can adversely affect the well-being of its occupants.

The Acoustics Lab: Where Science Meets Comfort

Richter’s Acoustics Lab, a cutting-edge facility equipped with highly sophisticated measurement tools, is where we meticulously analyze the acoustic performance of our products and solutions, providing planners, customers, and engineers with reliable data crucial for creating optimized spaces.

In environments with acoustically hard surfaces, even the slightest noise can lead to reverberation and echoes, resulting in an uncomfortable background noise. Dr. Tischer emphasizes that an optimized space, equipped with products like Richter’s ceiling systems, can significantly reduce this background noise, creating a more conducive environment for communication and focused work.

Richter’s Holistic Approach to Product Design

At Richter, every new product follows a methodical development process that considers aesthetic, photometric, and acoustical design principles simultaneously. Acoustics have become increasingly important in Richter’s ceiling systems, as they aim to provide customers with integrated, optimal solutions.

Richter’s internal lab, dedicated to acoustic measurements, sets them apart in the industry. Unlike mere service providers for acoustic measurements, Richter’s focus is on delivering a perfect user experience across all aspects of their products.

Meet the Tools: AcoustiTube and AcoustiAdrienne

Richter’s Acoustics Lab boasts of high-end test equipment, including the AcoustiTube and AcoustiAdrienne systems, which enable comprehensive acoustic performance testing.

The AcoustiTube system, a 40mm impedance tube, assesses absorption and transmission measurements, providing data on the absorption coefficient and noise transmission loss as a function of frequency

Meanwhile, the AcoustiAdrienne system offers insights into sound absorption behavior concerning frequency and incident angles. This device is invaluable for understanding the reflection and absorption of directed sound waves, further contributing to Richter’s commitment to acoustic excellence.

Should Richter encounter measurement requirements beyond the capabilities of their lab, they tap into their extensive network of cooperation partners, both accredited and non-accredited labs. This collaborative approach ensures that Richter delivers unmatched precision and quality in their acoustic solutions.

Crafting Spaces for Well-Being

Acoustics, often overshadowed by aesthetics and functionality, emerge as a powerful determinant of our well-being in various spaces. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of Dr. Ingo Tischer and Richter’s Acoustics Lab, we gain insight into the intricate world of sound optimization.

As we continue to seek comfort and productivity in our surroundings, let us not forget the importance of acoustics. It is not just about making spaces look good; it is all about making them feel good. So, the next time you step into a thoughtfully designed and acoustically optimized space, take a moment to appreciate the hidden symphony that contributes to your well-being.


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