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Employee Spotlight: Carla Juan

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we introduce Carla, a Key Account Manager who has hit the ground running in her first few months at Richter. Hailing from Spain with a rich background in International Business and Logistics, Carla’s journey shows her global mindset and determination to develop in the international business landscape.

Joining the team in August, she has since immersed herself in nurturing client relationships, steering projects, and continuously expanding her expertise. Carla’s story is not just about her role; it’s about the spirit of learning, adapting, and thriving in a diverse and supportive workplace.

Let’s delve into her experiences, insights, and the unique perspective she brings to Richter.

Brief introduction and background

My name is Carla and I am from Spain. Regarding my background, I studied International Business in Valencia with a year of Erasmus exchange in Helsinki. After that I did an internship in Belgium.

Following my bachelor, I pursued an International MBA back in Valencia and followed it up with another MBA specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management here in Germany, in Bremen.

I have always been focused on the international arena and had a clear determination to work outside of Spain. Since I had already been living in Germany for about half a year, I decided to look for job opportunities there. I heard about Richter during a visit to Heubach, and in August I finally joined the company.

What do you do at Richter?

As a Key Account Manager, my role is pretty dynamic. I spend a lot of time communicating with our clients, making sure we are meeting their needs and addressing any issues they have. I also keep an eye on our projects, sending out offers and invoices to our main clients as projects progress.

When it comes to communicating with our suppliers, I make sure they meet specific standards in fields such as sustainability, social responsibility, and quality within our supply chain. Additionally, I arrange visits to our company to maintain a strong working relationship.

What departments do you collaborate with the most in your daily activities?

I mainly collaborate with our clients and suppliers. But within Richter, I maintain regular communication with the development and finance department.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is perhaps the learning opportunities it offers. Despite being a Key Account Manager, I find myself learning something new every day, whether it’s about project management, logistics, or even technical knowledge that I would have never have expected to hear about.

Linked to this, which i also find satisfying is when I have to face these concepts that I’ve never encountered before, but soon enough, they become a normal aspect in my day-to-day responsibilities. It feels like overcoming challenges every day.

Describe an interesting project you recently worked/currently working on

We’re now undertaking a big project all over Europe. What makes it interesting is that it’s the first major project I’ve been a part of, since joining the team six months ago.

I am very excited because, right from the beginning, I have been involved in client video calls, understanding our mutual expectations, and establishing the schedules and lines of action. But besides that, I am also diving into data and numbers to get things started. So, for me it is like examining the tiny details at the onset and seeing how they will evolve into the final result.

What sets Richter apart in a unique way?

I would say it is the employees. Apart from being incredibly friendly and competent, I think that the diversity in our backgrounds really enhances our potential.

If we ever have any doubts, we know there is always someone with a lot more experience in that field, and that we always do things as best as possible because of it.

How have you grown professionally since joining Richter?

I am the youngest in my department, and my colleagues have been very supportive, providing me with a lot of learning opportunities. Since joining Richter, I have learned a great deal from their professionalism, their approach to tasks, and their communication styles. Additionally, the way we support each other, whether it is in decision-making or other aspects of our work, has contributed to my growth both professionally, but also personally.

Any final words for people reading this?

We are constanlty looking to expand our team and would be happy to welcome new members in our purchasing department.

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