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Employee spotlight: Julia Ehle

At Richter, we treat our people as family, and today, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our newest member, Julia Ehle.

Julia has been a member of Richter’s graphics team for almost 5 months. With fluency in English, German, and Spanish, she possesses a unique superpower: the ability to harness and transform energy into a powerful positive force.

Dive into the conversation below to discover more about Julia and her journey so far at Richter.

Can you briefly Introduce your self?

Hallo, my name is Julia Ehle and I was born and raised in Spain. Last year I graduated with a degree in Digital Design in Madrid, and in February I moved to Germany to start this exciting new chapter of my life thanks to Richter Lighting Technologies.

How did you find out about Richter?

Through their LinkedIn page, where I saw their advertisement for a graphic designer. I then looked for further information about Richter to learn more about the company and what kind of work they are doing on the website.

What is the day-to-day of your role like?

It is a very dynamic role, there are a lot of different kinds of tasks we can do. New ideas and new projects can come in at any moment, which means it is important to be ready at all times and to be flexible. I personally like it because somehow this can mean that every day is like a little adventure.

What unique tools and technologies do you work with?

At Richter we work with a wide range of tools and technologies, a unique aspect of the work at Richter is that we are not restricted to use the tools within our individual departments, but we can work with other teams and share all the available tools together.

What would you say has been your biggest impact for the team?

Having just graduated last year I bring a set of fresh eyes, ideas and knowledge on the latest topics and tools from the world of design. I also bring enthusiasm, positivity and energy to the team, and the motivation to work together making the team as strong as possible.

What sets this workplace apart in a unique way?

For me personally, what stands out is that in the workforce of Richter there are people that join us from all around the world, and we have all managed to meet and work together here in the small town of Heubach. This company is also based on trust, which gives us a lot of freedom to organize ourselves however it works best for us.

How have you grown professionally since joining Richter?

I have learned a lot through my team, not only on topics of design but also on other topics such as architecture and engineering. This has been possible thanks to all those colleagues who have taken the time to explain and answer all my questions.

Final question: People in the company have a unique skill, aka superpower. What would you say is yours?

I would say my superpower is to attract, collect and transform energy to generate a strong positive outcome. I think of myself as someone positive who works really hard to achieve goals and reach desired outcomes, and I like to channel and focus my energy to do so!


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