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Richter Lighting Technologies Celebrates Invest BW Funding

Richter Lighting awarded €801.303 by invest BW for climate protection solution. AI-assisted approach aims to innovate sustainability.

An innovation hub in Heubach gets awarded for its solution to climate protection!

With more than 1200 applications submitted, invest BW, the largest single company funding program in the history of Baden-Württemberg, recently concluded its second funding round and awarded Richter lighting technologies GmbH, €801.303 for its climate protection solution.

“Towards sustainable building: An AI-assisted industrial approach to innovate climate protection – Reducing material with information.”

Baden-Württemberg wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2040, and thus become the leading climate protection state in Germany. This is to be achieved by providing financial incentives to startups, research institutions and companies in their research and development activities in the field of innovative green tech.

By successfully implementing their projects, the winning companies have the opportunity to become thought leaders in their field, to share their philosophy, and to inspire others to continually rethink their approach to sustainability.

Who is Richter lighting technologies GmbH?

Richter lighting technologies is a company focused on promoting occupants’ wellbeing by creating the perfect space. This is done by providing solutions that satisfy different human comfort levels – (visual and lighting, acoustic, hygrothermal comfort and indoor air quality).

The construction industry is responsible for 40% of the global carbon footprint, with 90% of CO2 emissions coming from the production of building materials and only 10% from the operation of buildings.

With this consideration, it becomes very clear that construction with the usual building materials must be thoroughly reconsidered, and Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH has set itself the goal of solving this problem with the project Reducing material with information

This project aims to solve this problem in the steps described below:

  • Goal: Saving materials, achieving up to 85% in weight reduction.
  • Know-How: Replacing material with information by a synergistic integration of additive manufacturing and adaptive moulding.
  • Digitalization: AI- Assisted topology optimization in design to reduce carbon footprint and increase materials & energy efficiencies through the whole life cycle.
Richter Lighting Technologies Celebrates Invest BW Funding

Ideation for replacing material with information.

The journey to climate neutrality is not a sprint but a marathon. Richter lighting technologies GmbH has been in the running for a long time and hopes to contribute even more in this area of innovative green technologies to help both our state and our environment.

With this endeavor, we hope to inspire others to sustain the shared resources in nature and to take actions immediately for the mitigation of climate change.


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