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Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH Is Sponsoring Alina Böhm For The Olympic Games 2024

Richter backs Alina Böhm, European Judo Champ, for 2024 Olympics, reflecting shared values, innovation, and community spirit.

We are proud to announce that we would be sponsoring Alina Böhm, the current European Judo Champion on the road to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Alina had the following to say:

“Bernd sponsored me 1,5 years ago with money over the Judo Topteam and his donation helped me with a lot to win the gold medal at the European Championship. I’m very happy to partner again with Richter lighting technologies GmbH on the road to the Olympic Games 2024.”

Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH Is Sponsoring Alina Böhm For The Olympic Games 2024

Culture at Richter

Culture is the breeding ground for ideas, strategies, and self-fulfillment.

Innovation and creativity are only possible through heterogeneity, by bringing together a variety of people with different opinions and different kinds of knowledge.

The international atmosphere at Richter where diverse people have the equality of opportunity is a crucial part of our success. This effect in our culture is both an enabler and a driver of any dimension in Richter’s daily operation, sustainable development as well as business strategies.

Meeting of Richter and Alina Böhm, the 2022 European Judo Champion

On the 27th of November, the Richter team had a much-anticipated sit down with Alina Böhm, the Böbingen an der Rems native for a cup of coffee and some interesting conversation.

The Outcome.

  • We understood the shared values between the German Judo federation and Richter lighting technologies GmbH.
  • We got to experience first-hand, the mental strength and mindset of Alina that contributed immensely to her winning the gold medal for the European Championship in Sofia.
  • And finally, we got to completely understand the complicated nature surrounding sponsorships for the very talented and hardworking Judokas in Germany.
Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH Is Sponsoring Alina Böhm For The Olympic Games 2024

The conclusion

Our founder Bernd Richter, in his youthful days was a committed judoka, where he trained often in the Judozentrum Heubach. From this, he drew the inspiration for our approach to the challenges that comes with every project – treating each challenge like an advancing judoka and not being rigid, but instead redirecting the energy into discovering innovative solutions to that and future challenges.

His time as a Judoka also instilled in him the drive to never give up, striving each day to be a better than the previous day.

“We are very happy to be sponsoring Alina, because it is where we grew up, and we are always looking to give back to our community.”

– Bernd Richter.


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